Hints & Tips

    To create a winning entry you will need to make a lasting impression on the judges. So here are some handy tip’s to help you complete your entry.

    Decide which categories you are going to enter and read the criteria fully before starting your entry. The criteria tells you everything you need to know about the category and the strengths you need to demonstrate to submit a compelling entry.

    Don’t rush into writing your entry, try starting off with an outline of what you want to say, beginning with keywords or notes and then build up the information to form your entry.

    Explain what value you are providing to your customers - why are they using your company, what do you offer them that nobody else can? Why do they continue to work with you?

    Endorsements can say so much in a few words, so make the effort to ask for feedback from your customers. They can make interesting reading for the judges as long as they are not full of corporate/marketing speak and kept short and to the point.

    Describe relevant evidence, if you are making a claim about being the best at something - back that claim up with something tangible. Anyone can claim they are the best - proving it is the difficult part.

    Be concise, use bullet points where appropriate, but try to avoid your entry becoming a shopping list!

    Manage your time when preparing your entry - maybe set yourself an early deadline to help avoid the problem of trying to find essential information at the last minute.

    Keep a record of all the material that you use to support your entry - having it all together will help to make it much easier if you need to double check your submission.

    Visuals need to add value to the entry- make sure that any charts and graphs are big enough to be legible when photocopied in black and white, as this is what the judges will see. Note: Only applies to marketing excellence and technical individual category submissions.

    Involve others when preparing your entry. Sometimes it’s easy to forget key points because of your familiarity with a particular project. Also, get your colleagues to read your final entry.

    Don’t be too modest! Don’t hold back, if you have something to brag about, make sure you do, but share the evidence of your success.

    Nominate one person to send your entry/entries- To avoid duplication and problems for the administration team.

    Emails must be an appropriate file size - Please ensure that the file size is a maximum of 2 MB. This is particularly important when you are including charts, graphs and/or photographs in your entry. Note: Any submission of attachments only applies to marketing excellence and technical individual categories only. All other categories have a 1200 word limit.

    Re-entries -Try to avoid ‘cutting and pasting’ from last year’s entry – even if you won.

    Planning - Start now and get your entry in early.