More Simplicity and Affordable Performance for Data Analytics Applications
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More Simplicity and Affordable Performance for Data Analytics Applications
Mike McNamara
Mike McNamara
Sr. Manager, Product Marketing,

The synergies of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are unlocking new value in big data for enterprise and medium-size businesses. This third platform of IT has strong projected growth (7x) up to 2020, and the combinations of these technologies are transforming industries by providing faster time to insight, turbocharging digital commerce and enabling intelligent infrastructure.

NetApp continues to expand its data analytics momentum for technologies such as Splunk solutions, or technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL by introducing new products and solutions that help enterprises and medium-size businesses streamline their IT infrastructure and costs by more than 35%, boost performance by 50% or more and simplify deployments.

A new next-generation E2800 all-flash and hybrid array with SANtricity® Storage Manager, a new modern management interface, and new version of the SANtricity operating system, version 11.30, supporting EF560, E5600 and E2700, is now available. The E2800 delivers even higher performance (3x vs. E2700); the lowest acquisition cost for an all-flash array ($12K average selling price for 5TB); and better results for customers running data analytics and other enterprise applications such as media streaming, backup and video surveillance.

Unlike other storage systems that add file or virtualisation layers in the I/O data path, E2800 systems are purpose-built to optimise performance for mixed workloads. A new next-generation controller that is built on Intel processor technology, along with a 12Gb SAS infrastructure, improves IOPS and throughput to help you extract value from your data and take action more quickly.

The E2800 SANtricity Storage Manager offers an improved user experience with an on-box, web-browser-based interface that is modern, simple and clean. The intuitive interface of the E2800 simplifies configuration and maintenance while providing enterprise-level storage capabilities.

With SANtricity 11.30, we are using analytics to perform automated tuning with our SSD cache. Many areas of the system can be automatically tuned to adapt to ever-changing workloads using analytics data. Customers benefit by having access to far more accurate information about their applications and storage behaviour, leading to more accurate and predictable performance.

We are also announcing a new solution for simplified data lake management and data lifecycle mobility with partner Zaloni. The Zaloni Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform provides end-to-end management and governance of data in the data lake. Its data lifecycle management feature gives organisations the ability to define and execute data lifecycle policies to manage and move data across NetApp® storage tiers.

In addition, there are new validations with MongoDB and Cassandra NoSQL databases. NetApp solutions deliver high performance, resilience and scale for NoSQL databases. Shorter time for rebuilds and consistent performance even during failure make sure of adherence to tight SLAs and customer requirements. The NoSQL databases currently validated are Couchbase, MongoDB and Cassandra. Other NoSQL databases NetApp storage supports include HBase, Redis and MarkLogic.

Updates such as new configurations and pricing for the Arrow preconfigured solutions with E-Series and Splunk are also available. These solutions accelerate Splunk deployments and optimise performance.

Getting value and insights quickly from a range of mixed-workload environments, including data analytics, can differentiate your organisation. The all-flash NetApp E2800, new version of SANtricity software, and other enhancements can turbocharge access to your data and increase its value. Get the affordable performance and simplicity you need to always make the best decisions.

November 2016

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