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Ask the Experts: How Can I Monitor NetApp Storage Performance with Graphite and Grafana?

Beginning this month, Tech OnTap highlights popular discussion threads appearing in the NetApp Technical Community. In this month’s discussion, Christopher Madden, NetApp IT enterprise architect, shares his Graphite/Grafana Quick Start Installation Guide and fields dozens of questions from community members.

As Christopher writes: “… NetApp Harvest is a data collector that fetches a wide set of performance metrics from NetApp cDOT and 7-mode storage systems, and capacity info from Unified Manager 6, and posts it to an open-source Graphite metrics server. It also imports 19 dashboards containing over 500 graphs into Grafana to make viewing it all a snap…” read the entire blog post.

For more information:

Video: NetApp Advanced Performance Monitoring

Download the Graphite/Grafana Quick Start Installation Guide

Or, to meet the experts in person, attend these Insight sessions at Las Vegas (26-29 Sep) or Berlin (14-17 Nov):

62051-2 - Open Source Monitoring Using Harvest, Graphite and Grafana

59851-2 - Monitoring Performance Using NetApp OnCommand Performance Manager and API Extensions

October 2016

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