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Trinity Mirror readers won’t miss a beat with investments to secure real time news delivery

Front page splashes and digital newsflashes as they happen with digital transformation

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) Trinity Mirror, The UK’s largest news and magazine publisher, has decided to protect its publishing activities by moving its data recovery applications into the hybrid cloud with NetApp’s data management services. The move represents the latest step on its digital transformation journey that began in 2011 and will ensure the organisation’s more than 150 print and 80 online publications, including the Daily Mirror, can keep pace with the changing media landscape and deliver the latest news to its millions of readers – regardless of time or place.

The need to overhaul Trinity Mirror’s disaster recovery solution became apparent with the amount of data the publisher was processing growing exponentially. This is fuelled partly by the growing appetite for visual and video content that resulted in currently 120,000 images being received by the Trinity Mirror picture desks per day. Also, as a result of the need to conduct multiple website refreshes a day to keep up with the news cycle the innovative new services its digital transformation strategy had enabled, Trinity Mirror realised that even a short data outage could cost the organisation readers, investors and valuable advertising revenue. In order to safeguard its operations, Trinity Mirror decided not to renew the lease for its on-premise disaster recovery solution. Instead, the publisher invested in NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS hybrid cloud services, to build a reliable disaster recovery platform for its largest business-critical applications.

By choosing NetApp ONTAP Cloud for AWS, Trinity Mirror has significantly reduced its recovery time from 60 minutes to just ten, and can guarantee the same performance and functionality on its platforms as if they were running normally. This means that no matter the incident, Trinity Mirror publications can get back to providing the latest news updates so its readers never miss out on the news coverage that matters to them.

In addition, Trinity Mirror has been able to take advantage of NetApp’s data management benefits. ONTAP Cloud enables the organisation to archive data at half of the cost of before. With the option to run its hybrid cloud solutions in “pilot-light” mode, the organisation only pays for what it uses. If the software is idle in the cloud, Trinity Mirror do not pay a penny.

Martin Warren, NetApp EMEA Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager:“Trinity Mirror is an exemplar of the power to be unleashed by digital transformation. With readers increasingly leaning on real-time updates from its print and digital publications every day and in the midst of important news events, its hybrid cloud approach ensures risks of data down-time are minimised – and the show will go on. In a world increasingly reliant on always-on services like rolling news services, there is no room for error when it comes to optimising services with instantly accessible Disaster Recovery.”

Peter Raettig, Trinity Mirror, Head of Technical Operations:“Trinity Mirror reaches 38.6 million people each month, who expect 24/7 coverage of the latest news. For consumers, it is easy to take for-granted the level of innovation and data management that enables their news consumption. As a publisher, this is clearly a business critical issue. As we move to bridge traditional media outlets that need to keep pace with changing information consumption behaviours, modernisation is essential. NetApp has been a key advisor to us, in developing and expanding our approach to digitally transforming and optimising our business through the hybrid cloud.”

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