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WDS, A Xerox Company

An expert in customer experience analysis and technology solutions drives global growth plans with the FlexPod platform.

Since being acquired by Xerox in 2012, WDS has embarked on an expansion drive using its expertise in processes, services, contact centre data and understanding how the customer interacts with support services in the mobile sphere to other industries such as health and transport, an area where Xerox already has a significant footprint.

WDS, like many other companies, had grown organically and as a result it had a server room that was filled with different vendor operating systems and servers, and a HP-based SAN that was essentially close to collapsing. The fragility of its storage system was brought home with a sharp shock one day. Jon Smith, Head of IT, WDS explained: “One day we lost three discs in one go and we went offline for several hours. We’re in the business of supporting customers 24/7 and this was almost catastrophic. Customer-based call centres were impacted for 18 hours as was our ability to push knowledge through our web based API’s. It had massive financial repercussions.”

Consequently the company needed to find an alternative as soon as possible.

WDS’s interest in FlexPod was firmed up following an engagement with ANS and with NetApp visiting the company to outline the benefits of FlexPod.

FlexPod combines NetApp storage systems and Cisco Unified Computing System servers, into a single, flexible architecture, designed and validated to reduce deployment time, minimise risk, and reduce the cost of IT.

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WDS, A Xerox Company, is a customer experience specialist. It captures analyses and manages technical support interactions across thousands of devices and in call centres using a proprietary cloud-based platform. It has particular expertise in telecoms and wireless technologies and business processes and has developed analysis tools that help better understand customer interactions.

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ANS was founded in 1996 and has grown to become an award-winning Managed Services and Hybrid Cloud expert with offices in Manchester and London. The company has experienced 80% year on year growth since 2009 and currently turns over £47m.

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