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Storage Latency

Apache Corporation

Drilling for Opportunities with Fast Access to Seismic Data

Data is constantly growing, and seismic models are becoming more complex. For years Apache IT has used NetApp flash solutions to keep pace with scientists’ needs, which are always evolving.

A popular trend in the industry and on the horizon for Apache is a new computing model for remote visualization of the Earth’s subsurface that will greatly improve decision making in the field. Instead of deploying onsite infrastructures, which can lead workers into locales with unstable power grids or challenging political climates, Apache will deliver Schlumberger Petrel seismic-to-simulation software and other critical applications to scientists via NVIDIA GPU-accelerated virtual desktops. However, for the solution to work storage latency had to be extremely low.

Seeking to build upon its past success and remove disk bottlenecks for remote, high-end graphics, Apache turned again to NetApp. With critical operations on the line, Apache deployed a NetApp All Flash FAS AFF8080 system in its new Aberdeen, Scotland data center to support remote visualization throughout the region, encompassing Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Additionally, Apache upgraded the NetApp storage in its U.S. data centers to the clustered Data ONTAP operating system. Hybrid flash clusters in Houston and DallasTexas now support exploration and corporate IT, so data is always available.

With the flash solution in place, Apache’s scientists will now be able to access 3D models in near real time, allowing them to achieve better, faster results. Scientists can generate more iterations of seismic data models in less time, with access to data on the depths and paths of thousands of existing wells and the ability to visualize seismic data remotely. At the same time, Apache can shift from onsite infrastructures in challenging environments to a centralized, global data center model, reducing business risk and costs.

NetApp flash solutions have reduced storage latency to microseconds for Apache’s core applications and Oracle databases, giving back hours of productivity every day for both scientists and business users. In addition, NetApp solutions are enabling Apache to adopt remote visualization sooner than some of its competitors, helping the company “do more with less” and compete in a volatile energy market.

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Apache Corporation

In business for over 60 years, Apache Corporation has become one of the world’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies.

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