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What it Takes to Be a Data Visionary Champion

Meet Peter Varszeghy, IT Manager at the Geelong Cats Football Club. Learn how he built the highest-winning team with data.


How Data Enabled Shanghai PPDAI to Make Customer Dreams Come True.

See how the data-driven team at Shanghai PPDAI makes it easier for everyone to borrow money.

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How data is healing the world.
Mercy explains it all to you.

See how data visionaries are healing the world with data. Learn from the data-driven healthcare team at Mercy.

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How data visionaries are transforming financial services

Learn how data visionaries are changing the world of financial services. Get key insights from Alexander Wallner, SVP & GM NetApp EMEA.

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What it takes to get your data hybrid cloud ready

Meet John Woodall, VP Engineering, Integrated Archive Systems. See how to unleash the power of your data in a hybrid cloud world.

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